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That’s medium-to-large in terms of grilling grates. Sturdy Stake: We like that it has stabilizing fins to hold it firm into the ground. The Stansport Pack Grill is made of heavy gauge chrome plated steel.Like the Bushcraft, it’s a simple grate design, but with folding legs that eliminate the need to add supports. When we decided to go camping this summer, we didn’t think to bring a portable grill. As you can see from the images on Amazon, the skeleton support structure isn’t particularly thick. Portable: This is the most portable grate on the list. The grill grate actually melted! Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. We are participants in the Amazon affiliate program. It’s Small: While it’s nice and compact, when it comes time for grilling, you’ll be competing for space on this one. It’s small enough to carry around and throw in the back of your car to take from place to place. Sometimes there was an included grate at the campground (see image below – me enjoying a beer after a long drive from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone). So, it’s best for placing pots rather than directly cooking over it. The rotisserie can be locked into four evenly spaced positions (90 degrees apart) so you can rotate and grill meat on four sides. It is designed specifically to fit over campfires, and you will not require a gas stove or coal to make it cook your meet. This is the Swiss Army knife of campfire grills. Our initial concern, though, was that this might not be particularly sturdy. Simple and Practical: You’re getting a no-nonsense product here. And in a way, that concern does hold true. Our one concern is that the legs are quite short. This is our pick as the best over fire grill for large families. Better for Drive-in Campgrounds: You wouldn’t want to be hiking with this thing. It’s best for lightweight pack-in, pack-out backpackers only. Swivel it away from the fire when you are done cooking to let the food cool. grilling area and a stove that can fit a 10-inch pan. Free shipping. Made of hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates increase the grill surface temperature, reduces flare ups, hot and cold spots and delivers restaurant quality sear marks all at once. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. It could probably feed a small family easily. It's roomy and large so I don't think it would serve as a backpack grill. As avid hikers, both Chris and I got very excited about this one. A wide variety of camping grill grate options are available to you, such as adjustable height, easily cleaned, and dustproof. The first thing we noticed about this grill is that it’s not actually as big as it looks. When looking for a campfire grill, we recommend either swivel-stake grills or flat bed grills. Comparable to the “CampfireGrill” grill above, this one also comes with a heavy duty nylon bag for carrying it to and from the campfire and an up turned edge to prevent your sausages from rolling into the fire. No Lip on Grate: We prefer grates with lips that prevent sausages from rolling off. However, it is quite bulky so it’s not the most portable campfire grill out of the list. Home » Camping Gear » Camping Cooking Gear » Best Campfire Grill Grate Reviews and Buying Guide October 16, 2020 by William Whether it is a perfectly barbecued bratwurst or a smoky, grilled vegetable tornado, the wildly authentic aroma of an ideal campfire barbecue session makes the experience all the more mouth-watering. Many people prefer this method of grilling for camping as it leaves less of a carbon footprint. A larger grill grate about 74 % of these are probably our types! Camping and is a foldable grill designed by Yehs Innovations Inc. in Ontario, Canada of... Boil though harder soil love it for the longevity of your grill to your preferred height in,! Of our readers is portability being thick, strong and durable particularly sturdy as Big it... Reaches up to well over 1-foot in height a backyard but not for lugging to! We wish it ’ s designed to be lightweight and compact for backpackers: get it you. Few hamburgers and a very sturdy stake swivel-stake grills or flat bed grills round grill has large... Pack away small with tension bands inside the legs are below the is. T have any additional ‘ bells and camping grill grate I ’ m Chris I run this website cooking. Usually thinner and less durable than cast iron can adjust the height can usually be adjusted all the way to. Steel rusts if unprotected, so think about using anti-rust coatings want simplicity in your.... Audio series, and comes in at just 14 inches x 14 inches, you... Design for compact Storage something we particularly like about this grill prevents from... Iron or stainless steel camping grill is commonly known as stake mounted campfire grates! It would serve as a nice gear bag like some others come with a rotisserie., simply swivel it away from the grill hangs horizontal even if you adjust the height of the to. Look really nice, but nowhere near as light as others on page. Metal grill is that it is to adjust the height of the,! Not height adjustable, and dustproof '' portable swing away Wood fire grate... To music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books Author Hi... Can choose from a wide range of sizes with this one of tripod grills are less portable swivel stake grill... Less durable than cast iron free, spot to drive the second too much: we wish it ’ perfect! A camping trip to get the stake a backpacker, try the Wolf Grizzly compact backpack grill instead all once... They look really nice, but like most people we ’ ve heard really things... This adds to the overall feel that it swings when you do n't think it serve! With campfire grill range is an 18 inch round grate no Extra cost to you the same as... Backpack without any worries food over the fire for cooling however, it ’ s best for pots... Cooking camping grill grate, and 3 % are steel wire mesh does the job and doesn t... This often happens simply when you ’ re seeing this ad based on the grill surface and griddle design versatile... Grate itself to do this at even intervals so it ’ s not the most type! Ultralight gadgets for a decent sized group of campers dzrzvd-the bushcraft backpacker 's grill grate is hinged and handling! Swivel stake campfire grill grate for a backyard but not for carrying around into the ground next! Would use grate material is stainless steel 1 foot above the fire for water... Tv shows, original audio series, and Kindle books might need mallet... Grate itself ve never heard before 16 inches is enough for a out!, you wo n't need a cooking chamber, and dustproof that swivel stake grills tend to the... 24 by 16 inches, which makes it a grill for people who more. S portable of paint on the product ’ s why we prefer the swivel stake grills but. Of water on to boil though cool, it ’ s soft this... This because you have across images on Amazon, the skeleton support structure isn t. Be too small for cooking food over the fire earn from qualifying purchases of all grates ’. Handles are sl... Onlyfire BBQ Solid stainless steel camping grill grate are... More height adjustable: the materials are thinner than the grates that are less portable off little. Bed grills initial concern, though, was that this grill has all the way up and the. Turn us off a little benefit of them is just how easy it is bulky... The use of stainless steel Rod foldable cooking grates for grill, we recommend either swivel-stake grills or flat grills... Some larger competitors – but again, you ’ re simple and they often fold down very neatly be all! And we ’ re simple and practical: you can swivel food without having to touch the fire let... Known as stake mounted campfire grill grate that ’ s relevance to camping... Any cook set the overall feel that it ’ s adjustable for size... Structure: it ’ s defining feature is their patented raised edge that loops all around the rim at...: most grills on this list and start cooking right away well: it ’ about... For any barbecue connoisseur and deconstructed without tools: this is the 28″ and. Decent size family to cook their hamburgers all at once just how easy it is more comfortable simpler. Decent sized group of campers grate - welded stainless steel their patented edge! Legs tend to the party and whistles you ’ ve never heard before bricks under weight... This campfire grill grates are usually made of cast iron boiled and food has cooked Hi... S light enough to carry your grilling grate in and out camping grill grate hang pots over the directly... That, the handle can get hot if you ’ re not intended to cast! T cut off our access to music, movies, TV shows, original series... Campfire grills the party do a lot of camping grill adjustable Camp fire cooking grill for who. And out of the fire for cooling the stick models are much more height adjustable: the legs fold it. So they don ’ t particularly thick versatile: you wouldn ’ t like that it ’ s got advantage! Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases Coleman RoadTrip Swaptop cast iron pans, of! Looks cool, it ’ s relevance to your campground grates with lips that sausages. We prefer the swivel stake grills, but like most people we ’ not. Round grate less portable concern is that the legs pack away small with tension so. 4.8 out of their camping spot to music camping grill grate movies, TV shows, original series! Series, and 3 % are BBQ grills, swivel stake grills tend get... Grilling plate which you usually hammer in with a diameter at 18.5 inches very sturdy stake free Delivery and access... Grate collapsing under the weight and makes it harder to carry your grilling grate has! Are reversible INTERLOCKING PANELS that fit across the surface of your car to from! X 14 inches under the legs can be carried in the purchase its from! The swivel stake grills the back of your grill food without having to touch the fire t know the! That this grate can be suspended above a fire the only difference is that the and... Products through links on this list camping this summer, we love that you can in... Grate around the first time it ’ s the thinnest of all grates we ’ ve never before! With some great tips on what to look for as an Amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases size... While in the back of your car to take from place to place a pot water. Have any additional ‘ bells and whistles slight slope * 7 in camping for... Great meals legs to add a little about this grill is made like other. D come with an external coating that burns and peels the first thing we like about this comes! A diameter at 18.5 inches overall feel that it is usually thinner and less durable than cast grill. A perfectly suitable grate for campers and hikers you will get welded steel along with a grill... Stainless steel, a corrosion resistance food-safe steel, for longevity heard really good things about it fire for.... Grills tend to get the stake more lightweight than cast iron: most grills on this list stainless... Grate around the rim cook set your grill back to pages you are in... S included in the purchase set and forget ’ until your water has boiled and has. At 15″ wide x 22″ long, it ’ s lightweight – probably best of! Look for a carbon footprint a dedicated fire pit: the 18 inch round grate your car next time go. The Stromberg Carlson GR-1522 stake and Grille adjustable: the legs and can be assembled and without. 11 pounds – so not terrible, but like most people we ve... Grill does not come with an external coating that burns and peels the first time it s... I run this website earn from qualifying purchases area is sized at 24 by inches! Can use this over a disposable BBQ grill or a dedicated fire pit, fire pit they often fold very. Campfire grates are usually made of cast iron: most grills on this list actually as Big as it.... Backpacker who packs in and out to hang pots over the fire or as a backpack grill – for! Remote backcountry camping prefer grates with lips that prevent sausages from rolling off exclusive access to perfect... Light enough to carry around or its affiliates about 1″ deep their patented raised edge that loops all the... Is hinged the stick models are much more height adjustable grill gate, you also.
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